To all the children hosted at MalaHome we offer the tools with educational values through games, study and projects for their personal growth.

We have a psycopedagogical team that study each project, ensure its realization and make a tracing to adapt it to the needs of the hosted children.


  • Educating study habits
  • Teach extracurricular reinforcement
  • Performing artistic and sportive activities.
  • Providing university orientation.

Review briefly the country's official rules
*Depending on the neighborhood, town, religion...have their own schedule adjustments



We work to support their development stage.


3 a 5 years.

A MalaHome we have created a kindergarten where a local teacher, using the Montessori method, it deals with educating children who are at this early stage, with intlectuales, social, emotional and physical goals. .

6 a 16 years.

We will create the mentor : this person will follow their studies at the nearest educational community and will help in all the areas where a reinforcement is needed. We will also have child minders doing workshops at the house..

17-18 years

We will conduct workshops to guide studies planning and the options to the labour market.

19 years.

We will ensure they can choose either a university degree or a job, or even doing both at a time.. We will do a tracing work of: accomodation, transport, school materials. They will have priority if we have any job vacancy at the house.


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