Born in 1972 in Barcelona.
Musical Promoter.

She studied Psychology and has worked for several years as a public relations at Luz de Gas in Barcelona and nowadays is entrepreneur and foundation member of the concerts promoter Sunmusic (Canet Rock)        

She has been volunteer of Niños sin barreras, a NGO making accompaniment to the prisons.

She was volunteer and board member of Friends of Nepal Association of Barcelona.

She has been volunteer in serveral projects along her life in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Africa and Nepal, focusing always on the more disadvantaged children.

Her passion is reading and writting.

Marina Portabella



Born in Barcelona.

Teaching Degree at the University Blanquerna.
Especialized in chidhood and primary education.

She has been working as a teacher for more than 20 years and she worked in several schools as Aula, Thau and Frederic Mistral.

Nowadays she is working at Marillac school. She has been volunteer and board member of Friends of Nepal Association.

She has done several volunteers in Africa and Nepal, always dedicated to the more disadvantaged children.

Member of the Cor Carlit Gospel.
Music is her passion

Laura Recoder



Born in 1961 in Mataro
Technician in NGOs development.

Masters degree in psychotherapy, works as a general health psychologist in Mataro.

It belongs to the Spanish Association of Brief Therapy, the collective Integrapsicòlegs and PsicoEstratègic Centre, with which conducts lectures and workshops disclosure of psychology and research projects.

He has worked as an occupational trainer in the Servei d'Ocupació of the Generalitat de Catalunya and has coordinated more than fifteen years ago, various social projects aimed at groups at risk of exclusion, local, regional and international levels.

His passions are psychology and music.

Javier Hinojosa



He is our Honorary President.


He has been a very important person on this journey until we got our dream, MalaHome shelter house.

During the 6 years we have been working in Nepal we had his incondicional support.

Pediatrician, sensitive person, altrusitic, generous, committed, pacient and sympathetic and always ready to help.

We feel he is part of this project and this is why we are so proud to have him as our Honorary President.

Xavier Trias



It is our counterpart in Nepal.

Indira Ranamagar is a social worker and founder of the NGO Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal, which seeks to provide basic needs and human rights to prisoners and their children.

From an early age he became interested in the problems of the prisoners and their children, he worked with the human rights activist Parijat, which led him to found PA Nepal in 2000, since then and from his motto “Give prisoners and their children a better present and a brighter future”, has rescued from prison more than a thousand boys and girls for whom he has carried out different Programs: shelters, educational programs, youth programs, prison programs, family reunification programs, without abandoning their struggle for the defense of human rights in Nepal.

We are very proud to collaborate with Indira and this organization that defends the same vision, the same mission and the same objectives as Dream Nepal

Indira Ranamagar


The human team managing Dream Nepal in Barcelona is entirely formed by volunteers who work unselfishly, with great anticipation, professionality and enthusiam.

Estructura Barcelona


The team managing Dream Nepal at Katmandu currently includes local qualified people, with wide-ranging experience and fully trusted.

Estructura Barcelona