At Nepal, when a woman enters in prison and has no one who can take care of her children, the latter enter with her in prison, suffering the serious consequences of this situation.

The children grow and develope in a hostile envoirment with many restrictions and this situation affects their psycological, social and educational development.

Nepal is a country with a very precarious health system where the children are very vulnerable.



We have been travelling to Nepal for 6 years as volunteers of Nepal Friends Association (Barcelona) and we have spent 3 years in a village called Bhimphedi, 5 hours away from Katmandu, working with orphaned children and also with family members that can not take care of them, in a shelter house managed by this catalan association.

We have also been working for 3 more years in another shelter home in Katmandu, managed by Nepal Children Home, a gubernamental organisation, where there are children which parents are in prison.

Along that time colaborating to improve their life conditions, we contributed our bit living with them in day by day, going into depth on the disfunctional family situations and verifying how this affects to them.

  • We accompanied with the children to the prision facilities to visit their parents.

  • We organized craft workshops and basic habits of autonomy workshops.

  • We have taking care of their health assistance.

  • We have made sure they assist to school and we have followed closely their progresses.

  • Thanks to the donations received, we have been able to make structural improvements in the shelter houses as well as buying food, clothes and school material.



At Dream Nepal think children aren’t guilty of the possible criminal acts of their parents and, therefore, they do not have to suffer their sentence. They deserve to develope as children and to do so they need health, educational, psycological and social assistance.

External help is necessary not only to overcome and deal with the new personal and family situation but to keep on developing as a person for a better future..



Dream Nepal has created MalaHome, a shelter house to take care of children whose parents are in prision, to contribute to the improvement of their lifes and to offer them the same opportunities and rights as the rest of the children, providing them a home, scholastic reinforcement, health assistance and social and psycological support.


MalaHome is that house, that place where we want them to grow healthly and surrounded by lots of love.


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