Nepal is a country with a very fragile health system.It is estimated that hundreds or thousands of nepaly people, specially women an children, are unnecessarily suffering due to a lack of basic health cares. 

The major diseases, we have identified through our experience, are due to a lack of hygiene and unsuitable water. This means that there are a lot of dermatological diseases and also infectious diseases: diarrhea, cholera, poliomyelitis, yellow fever, rabies,...

All of them can be prevented with an exhaustive control of the water and pointing in the need of a extrict hygiene rules, both personal and in the facilities. We understand the situation of the health care in the country and we will therefore focus on the health care of everybody living in the house.

Health care is basic and essential in our children project and we will ensure a good health assistance.




  • Ensure the health of everybody living or working at MalaHome.
  • Educate in healthy and hygienic habits.


  • We have a physician making regular medical examinations in our facilities once a month.
  • We have created a medical record for each child.
  • We have a nearby hospital if there is any problem that needs to be treated in.
  • We have a room in the facilities for first aids.
  • Everyone working at MalaHome have the vaccine certifficate updated and effective
  • We make workshops and talks about the effect of a good hygiene in our health.


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